Panasonic wins Global Technology Award for its Multi Recognition Camera from Global SMT & Packaging

December 14, 2015 Product Notices

The revolutionary Multi Recognition Camera combines up to three unique imaging capabilities into a single system: 2D alignment, chip thickness inspection, and 3D coplanarity. By combining multiple imaging capabilities previously offered as separate options into one camera, Panasonic has reduced user cost, improved quality and boosted performance. More importantly, the vision system improves yield by precisely identifying mispicked microchips, lifted leads and inverted ICs, recognizing missing or deformed bumps, and inspecting nozzle tips to help ensure high pick rates. Of special interest to manufacturers, the Multi Recognition Camera eliminates the historical challenges they faced when configuring a machine vision system based on a dizzying list of options which often resulted in excessive spending, incorrect configurations, inadequate capabilities, and reduced production quality.

The award was accepted by Mr. Hideaki Osuga (left), FA Division Director, Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe. Shawn Robinson, Senior SMT Product Manager, Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America reflected, “Receiving this award serves as testament that Panasonic continues to innovate and refine processes. From direct SMT-related improvements to integrated line solutions including our and third-party hardware and software, Panasonic can deliver ideal value propositions for Total Solutions Beyond SMT.”

Award entries were judged by an independent, international panel of judges for innovation, speed/throughput improvements, quality contribution, cost benefits, ease-of-use, etc. The balloting process, including vote compilations, was handled entirely by an independent market research firm. This is the second award for Panasonic’s Multi Recognition camera. At APEX 2015, the Multi Recognition Camera was awarded a New Product Introduction Award sponsored by Circuits Assembly.


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