Panasonic White Paper VRLA Batteries

August 26, 2016 White Paper

Hamburg, September 2016 – Panasonic is offering a new service: our white papers provide detailed, unbiased insights into various aspects of battery technology.

White papers are publicly available documents written by specialists on a specific technical issue. As such, they are of considerable value to professional users. White papers can be downloaded and freely disseminated. They are also routinely quoted in technical publications, and contain not only explanatory text, but also images and graphics, tables, charts and links.

Our white papers give developers and technical professionals the opportunity to leverage the expertise of our specialists for their own projects. We have been manufacturing batteries for a number of decades, and over this time have accumulated considerable knowledge and experience that we wish to share.

The first white paper is titled “Lead acid battery containers made of ABS” and takes a detailed look at the experience of our engineers with the material ABS for VRLA containers. One of the issues addressed is the extent to which tensioned mounting straps can have a negative impact on the battery container. As well as a full description, the document provides valuable recommendations on the subject.

In the near future there will be a whole series of white papers with detailed insights into battery technology. We will let you know when the next one is out!

The white papers can be found on the Panasonic website: Panasonic White Paper VRLA Batteries

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