Panasonic at the SMT Hybrid Packaging 2016 in Nuremberg

April 27, 2016 Press Release

Hamburg/Nuremberg, 26. April 2016: Panasonic Factory Automation Solutions, a business division of Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems GmbH, will be presenting innovative Smart Factory solutions at the SMT Hybrid Packaging from 26. to 28. April. Interested visitors from the trade can find out more about Panasonic’s vision of Industry 4.0 on Stand 7-329, from the full integration of production systems and material management right through to the machining of special components that have hitherto required manual placement. This approach stands for the gradual change away from product-specific to system-oriented solutions. In line with the slogan “Any Mix, Any Volume”, Panasonic offers its SMD placement machines from the NPM series. Panasonic provides a variety of solutions for every need – regardless of whether "high mix, low volume” or “high volume, low mix”, stand-alone machines or production lines. Thanks to the modular design of the Panasonic NPM series, expansions or adaptations to meet production-related and changing requirements are possible with no trouble at all.

At the SMT Panasonic will be presenting the NPM-W2 for SMD placement and the newly developed NPM-VF for the handling of special components as examples of the machines in the NPM product series. The MD-P300 Flip Chip Bonder from the product portfolio of the IC Assembly System Machines will also be on show.

NPM series  

The NPM-W2 is an SMD placement machine that can be used flexibly – even as a stand-alone device in production. In other words Panasonic offers a solution for SMEs that produce small batch sizes but have a large number of different products, as is often the case in the production of industrial controls. The machine can handle PCBs with dimensions ranging from 50X50mm up to 1500X550mm. Maximum placement speed is 77,000 chips/h. Depending on the placement head configuration, components such as 01005 chips, QFPs up to 32mmx32mm and on through to special components measuring 150x25x30mm can be processed. Feeding of components can be effected with belts, pallets or bars.

Uninterrupted production is ensured in the dual-lane mode. Any component changeover needed for a change in production can be effected while operation continues on the other lane. The changeover of the placement program this involves can be carried out automatically using the optional Automatic Changeover Option.

Placement accuracy is checked continuously thanks to the integrated Automatic Production Control System (APC). Any deviations between the print image and the placement program are sent to the upstream screen printer by the placement machine and the position of the boards to be printed is corrected automatically, thus ensuring optimum quality.


The NPM-VF was developed in line with the approach adopted by Panasonic towards a modern, fully automatic factory. The NPM-VF is based on the modular NPM concept and automates the processing of wired special components so that a high level of automation is achieved. Its multitude of different tools and part feeders make the NPM-VF a versatile machine that can be used flexibly. This in turn boosts productivity by ensuring flexible and high quality production. 

It can also be integrated in lines with SMD placement machines as a stand-alone machine. A highlight of the machine is its high placement speed of max. 0.8 sec/component. Uninterrupted production changeover is also possible, as is the case with the other NPM-VF machines, because the parts feeders can be changed over during operation. A multitude of placement tools and different parts feeders ensure the already mentioned flexibility of the machine. Placement heads with suction pipettes are available in addition to gripper tools. Pallet conveyors, bar conveyors, belt conveyors for radially belted components and bulk material conveyors are available for parts feeding. 

To ensure and maintain quality the NPM-VF has two cameras that can execute a PCB correction or can check and if necessary correct individual placement holes for stable, uninterrupted placement. There is also a placement check as well as triggering of a repeat function in the event of incorrect placements. An optional cutting and bending device is available for shortening and bending the connection wires of the component underneath the PCB. This prevents the component from falling over or tilting once it is inserted.

PanaCIM software

The PanaCIM® software application from Panasonic controls and manages either a single machine, one or more production lines and can even take over the management of the entire production including material and maintenance management. Using the “Enterprise Link” function the production data of the PanaCIM® application can be transferred to company-wide MRP/ERP applications. This not only includes purely machine-related production data, but also data for localisation, material consumption and maintenance information.

To enable simple, trouble-free handling Panasonic has developed PanaCIM® Express. PanaCIM® Express is preconfigured and ensures simple, straightforward setting up of the software without the need of any specialist personnel. The system is scalable so it can be adapted and expanded to meet changes in production.

MD-P300 machine 

Panasonic’s MD-P300 machine is a Flip Chip Bonder from the extensive IC Assembly System. The MD-P300 is designed for flip chip bonding, thermosonic bonding as well as thermocompression bonding. Key features include a high yield with high throughput and simple changeover of the bonding tools by the user. Its fast bonding speed and at the same time high bonding accuracy is achieved by the use of light-weight bonding heads with a low centre of gravity. The MD-P300 can process wafers with diameters of up to 300mm. Thanks to its integrated bonding stage camera the MD-P300 also enables immediate inspection after bonding for the realization of real-time inspection integrated in the production process.  The MD-P300 can be combined in-line with Panasonic‘s SMD placement machines for the production of Chip-on-Board hybrid assembly.


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