Panasonic products selected as finalists in three categories for the 2016 Elektra Awards

October 31, 2016 Event

Munich, October 2016: Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems is delighted to announce that its products have been shortlisted for the Elektra Awards 2016 in three categories: Excellence in Product Design for Medical, Passive & Electromechanical Product of Year, and Power System Product of the Year.

In the category ‘Excellence in Product Design for Medical’, Panasonic has been shortlisted together with its partner pikkerton for the InstaMon fall detection system. Each InstaMon module incorporates two Grid-EYE infrared sensors to detect the object and background temperatures and after passing this information through a series of complex algorithms extracts the relevant data. This data allows InstaMon to track people, categorize their position and situation and send an alarm if there is a fall detected or an unusual behaviour. Due to Grid-EYE characteristics, InstaMon has a detection wavelength range of 5 – 13 µm thus allowing human position and fall detection to be very effective up to a distance of 7 meters.


In the category ‘Passive & Electromechanical Product of Year’, Panasonic has been shortlisted for its conductive polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors. The technology combines the advantages of electrolytic capacitors with those of solid Polymer capacitors and helps optimize designs in regards to performance, cost and weight. Hybrid technology offers low leakage current and long life in combination with low ESR in small case sizes. The voltage range of 25V to 80V is available in the capacitor industry standard temperature rating of -55°C to +105°C (ZA-series) and -55°C to +125°C (ZC- series). Comparing hybrid capacitors with other capacitor technologies, it is clear that lifetime is dramatically upgraded: 10000h lifetime at 105°C and 4.000h at 125°C.

In the category ‘Power System Product of the Year’, Panasonic has been shortlisted for its NASBIS thermal isolation sheet. NASBIS (Nano Silica Balloon Insulation Sheet) is the thinnest insulation solution currently available on the market, with better thermal isolation characteristics than air. NASBIS is designed specifically to cancel heat spots in applications where space is extremely constrained, for example narrow spaces of 1mm or less in applications like e.g. smartphones or tablet computers.

Billy Ogano, Deputy Director, Product Marketing Department, comments: “We are very proud that our products have been selected for the shortlist of this prestigious award and are very much looking forward to the event. We also want to wish all the rest of the finalists the best of luck”.

The Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards are the high point of the year for the European electronics industry. Established as the best promotional platform to celebrate the achievements of individuals and companies across Europe, they present best-practice in key areas including, innovation, sales growth and employee motivation. The industry will get together to showcase the finest new products, technology innovation and company performances of the year. An independent panel of judges will assess the quality of all entries and the winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony which will take place on Thursday 1st December 2016 at the Grosvenor House Hotel London.

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