Panasonic Industry Europe honours Arrow Electronics, Codico and Schukat for sales growth and excellence in customer service

February 06, 2019 Press Release

Panasonic Industry Europe recently honoured its top distributors for excellent customer service and sales in Europe. Arrow Electronics was awarded ‘Distributor of the Year’, Codico received the ‘Regional Distributor of the Year’ award and Schukat was named ‘High Service Distributor of the Year’.

Distributor of the Year - Arrow Electronics

Congratulating the global distributor which serves as a supply channel partner for more than 150,000 OEMs, VARs, CEMs and commercial customers via 300 sales facilities and 45 distribution and value-added centres worldwide, Panasonic Industry Europe’s Director, Distribution Sales Division, Rudolf Kammerer commented: "Arrow has been a trusted partner of Panasonic for many years. Arrow received this award in recognition of their outstanding management commitment which resulted in significant sales growth, and a large increase in the number of NPI packages, stock packages and design registrations. We offer our congratulations on this excellent achievement."

Arrow Electronics

 left to right

Shibata-San, Panasonic Senior Managing Executive Officer
Andreas Botond, Supplier Business Manager
Martin Bielesch, VP Arrow EMEA Components
Daniel Bayer, Supplier Business Manager Arrow EMEA
Matthias Hutter, VP Supplier Marketing Arrow EMEA
Maximilian Jakob, Panasonic Industry (Department Head, Distribution)
Angela Schwarz, KAM Panasonic Industry
Rudolf Kammerer, Executive Director Panasonic Industry
Kosaka Nabuhiro, General Manager Sales Panasonic

Regional Distributor of the Year - Codico

Austrian distributor, Codico stands specialises in design-in distribution of high-quality active and passive electronic components and interconnect systems, backed by a high level of technical expertise with competence centres in Germany, Italy and Sweden. Said Kammerer: "Codico has a great structure for introducing and supporting key design-in products such as our polymer capacitor range. They also grew sales and acted provided Panasonic with a succesful demand-creation service in the region. Thank you for your great work."

Thomas Jell, VP Sales & Marketing, Codico replied: "We are very pleased to win this award we thank Panasonic very much for it! The fact that our design activities and demand creation services are recognised by a key supplier such as Panasonic is highly appreciated. I would also like to recognize the excellent support which we have received from Panasonic together with open communication, both of which play an essential role in our success and motivate our sales team."


Left to right

Silvio Ganzer, KAM Panasonic Industry
Sven Krumpel,CEO Codico
Srećko Dražić, Manager Product Marketing & Applications Codico
Thomas Jell, VP Sales & Marketing,  Codico
Roland Trimmel, Manager Product Marketing & Applications Codico
Maximilian Jakob,Department Head, Distribution Panasonic Industry
Fumio Yamashita, Supervisor Panasonic
Kosaka Nobuhiro, Global Sales Director, Panasonic
Kazuto Nishida, General Manager Panasonic
Yasushi Yoshifuji,Factory Director Panasonic

High Service Distributor - Schukat

Panasonic franchise partner and catalogue distributor, Schukat Electronic fulfills standard quantity orders at reasonable prices directly from inventory, large quantities on individual terms, made-to-order customer products and special logistics services. Schukat’s Managing Director, Bert Schukat and Product Manager for Passive Components, Annette Landschoof, said: "Panasonic Industry Europe is ideally suited to meet the needs of our customers with high quality components. Their broad portfolio includes advanced capacitors, resistors, thermal management solutions, GaN semiconductors, communication ICs, and more. Panasonic succesfully develops new products on a regular basis that deliver technical and economic benefits to our customers. "

Silvio Ganzer, Panasonic Industry Europe, Sales, added: "Schukat has once again shown good sales growth and has expanded the portfolio of products it carries and the number of customers for Panasonic parts. Schukat is one of the fastest growing distributors in Germany and has made continued investments in NPI programmes. Overall, Schukat is a very valuable partner for Panasonic and we look forward to working even closer together in the future."


left to right

Rudolf Kammerer ,Sales Director, Division Head Panasonic Industry

Bert Schukat, Managing Director Schukat

Andreas Gehrke-Kowol, Purchasing Manager Schukat

Annette Landschoof , Produkt Manager Schukat

Maximilian Jakob, Department Head, Distribution Panasonic Industry

Silvio Ganzer, KAM, Panasonic Industry

Daniel Smeding , TL Business Intelligence Panasonic Industry





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