Panasonic Factory Solutions Newsletter October 2016

October 31, 2016 Newsletter

On 20 September, 2016, the Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe team held an opening ceremony in their newly established Technical Center close to the Panasonic office near Munich.

Panasonic Technical Center






Since June 2016 customer training and machine demonstrations have been taking place in this location, which consists of several rooms for machine and software training and a machine demonstration area for customers. The Technical Center is equipped with screen printers and mounting machines from Panasonic as well as with complementary equipment from partner companies

Panasonic held its ‘Technology Days’ in their new Technical Center, the ‘Hotspot’, from 21 to 23 September, 2016.

Customers also had the opportunity to view a full production line incl. equipment from partner companies, Viscom (SPI), KohYoung (AOI), Asys (conveyor and stacker) and Essemtec (Material Tower).

Alongside the production line, the recently introduced NPM-VF for SMT placement and odd-shaped component insertion and placement as well as the modular placement machine NPM-W2 were shown as stand-alone solutions

Please read more about both events here

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