Panasonic Factory Solutions introduces NPM-D3

December 03, 2014

Panasonic Factory Solutions introduces the NPM-D3 to the award-winning, multi-functional NPM-series SMT platform. In addition to its interchangeable, plug-and-play placement heads, the NPM-D3 integrates solder paste inspection (SPI), adhesive dispense (ADH), and post-placement inspection(AOI). 

The NPM-D3 brings the industry’s first, single-unit camera for alignment, 

thickness, and coplanarity. Beyond 3D multi-recognition, the NPM-D3 offers board warp detection, Adaptive Process Control (APC), and Auto Board Support Pin - all features that contribute to lean assembly, maximum productivity, and impressive investment protection.

The flexible placement heads support a part range of 03015mm microchips to 6” long connectors up to 28 mm tall. Area productivity is nearly 26,300 cph (chips per hour) per square meter. Heads and functions can be changed as production requires. All heads of the NPM-D3 operate on both placement areas to realize the full benefit of dual lane configuration. Alternately, the system converts to single-lane for boards up to 650 x 510mm (25 x 20”).

Features at a glance:

  • 03015mm microchips to 6” connectors with height of 28mm
  • 84.000 cph max per module
  • 650x510mm LED boards
  • Dual lane mode
  • Single Camera Unit for alignment, thickness and co-planarity
  • PCB warp detectionAdaptive Process Control (APC)
  • Auto Board Support Pin
  • Plug-and-Play head units to adapt each module to production needs: 
    Solder Paste Inspection (SPI),-Adhesive Dispense Head (ADH),-Post Placement Inspection (AOI)

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