PANASONIC FA show 2014

December 22, 2014

Panasonic hosted their annual FA Show from December 10. to December 12. 2014 in Tokyo.
During that 3 days Panasonic welcomed approximately 3000 visitors who came to see Panasonics latest factory solutions production equipment.
Beside other exhibits Panasonic presented their ideas of the “Smart Factory Solution”, equivalent to “Industry 4.0”. 

In 9 booths Panasonic showed different equipment available to realize “Smart Factory”:

  • Shop floor management system.
  • Solutions for post-SMT process.
  • Any-Mix, any-volume production by NPM-W2 for automotive and AV industry.
  • Flexible manufacturing for smart phone production.
  • Semiconductor packaging with high accuracy bonding and thin die handling.
  • Support solutions towards customers.

Panasonic could give an impressive overview of their capabilities to offer solutions for any kind of manufacturing demand and their innovation power.
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