Panasonic Battery Finder App 2.0 is now available

May 14, 2014
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Designed for engineers, electronics specialists and developers who need batteries for their projects, the Battery Finder App provides an overview of what's available in the Panasonic range of industrial batteries, and gives a recommendation on the type of battery that's best suited to the user's application. It also offers a wealth of information, diagrams and animations on battery technology.

Cordless drills and UPS systems, smoke detectors and wind turbines – they all depend on high performance batteries to do their job. And with the number of applications needing battery power on the up and up, the range of batteries available on the market is also proliferating. Companies developing a new product increasingly have a hard task to pick out exactly the right power source from the myriad of choices available. Not least because choosing a battery isn't just about power: equally important are factors such as safety and long-life, dimensions and terminal types. 

Panasonic is the world's largest producer of industrial batteries. 
To help customers navigate the scope and breadth of the range more efficiently, Panasonic is now offering a special app: the Battery Finder. A valuable aid to developers, electronics specialists and engineers, the new app pulls together a vast amount of detail, including information on a variety of Panasonic batteries, datasheets, diagrams, technical drawings and contact points. Users can also mine an extensive database of information on battery technology, with details on product groups (chemistries) and animations showing interior battery workings. 

The app was commissioned by Alexander Berghoff, Marketing Services Manager at Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Europe. The objective is to offer customers a tool that delivers genuine practical value. The next version is already in the pipeline, with plans to launch a tablet version of the app or a dedicated website. 

The app is available for Android and iOS (iPhone) devices and can be downloaded free of charge in app stores. For more information, visit the Panasonic website at


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