Panasonic’s products selected as finalists

October 24, 2017 Event

Panasonic Industry Europe is delighted to announce that its products have been shortlisted for the Elektra Awards 2017 in the category of Excellence in Product Design for Automotive. In this category Panasonic’s latest passive components (LP series power choke coils and ZE series hybrid capacitors) for automotive applications have been selected amongst the finalists for the award.


Rugged LP series power choke coils use a metal composite core and are ideal for demanding automotive applications, where high reliability and compact size is needed. Application examples are noise filters for various drive circuitry requiring high temperature operation and peak current handling capability. LP series products benefit from a low profile (3mm and 4mm maximum height) and feature high heat resistance (designed for operation up to +155°C and for peak temperatures of +180°C). A newly developed integral construction results in very good vibration resistance under severe reliability conditions of automotive applications and further improves the reliability.


Combining the advantages of electrolytic capacitors with those of solid Polymer Capacitors, highly reliable and versatile ZE series hybrid capacitors offer low leakage current and long life in combination with low ESR (20mΩ) in miniature case sizes. The ultra-high temperature products have a high endurance of 2,000 hours at 145°C and are ideal for a broad spectrum of automotive applications including input/output filtering in power converters and voltage regulators, power and battery decoupling and clock circuitry.


Christofer Kronschnabl, Team Leader Product Marketing Department, Panasonic Industrial Sales Division, comments: “We are very proud that our products have been selected for the shortlist of this prestigious award and we are very much looking forward to the event. The nomination of our power choke coils and hybrid capacitors for this year’s award is an affirmation of long industrial experience and our continuous strive for innovation, as we always work hard to solve latest technological needs with our products. For the ceremony, we also want to wish all other finalists the best of luck”.


The Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards are the high point of the year for the European electronics industry. Established as the best promotional platform to celebrate the achievements of individuals and companies across Europe, they present best-practice in key areas including, innovation, sales growth and employee motivation. The industry will get together to showcase the finest new products, technology innovation and company performances of the year. An independent panel of judges will assess the quality of all entries and the winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony which will take place on Wednesday 6th December 2017 at the Grosvenor House Hotel London.

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