New Host-Controlled Interface Bluetooth RF module PAN1326C from Panasonic offers best-in-class RF performance

June 26, 2018 Press Release

Panasonic Industry Europe is releasing a new Host-Controlled Interface (HCI) Bluetooth RF module offering increased BLE data transfer rates by factor 2,5 than previous Bluetooth low energy solutions. The PAN1326C module is Bluetooth-4.2-compliant and benefits from a tiny footprint of only 85.5mm² (9.0mm x 9.5mm x 1.8mm (width x length x height).

Next to the UART interface the PAN1326C comes with a audio/voice codec interface which is a  fully-dedicated  programmable  serial  port  that  provides  the  logic  to interface  to  several  kinds  of  PCM  or  I2S  codec’s. The wide operating temperature range is -40°C up to +85°C and the supply voltage range is 1.8V up to 4.8V.

Comments Pascal Meier, Product Manager at Panasonic: “Our new PAN1326C Host-Controlled Interface (HCI) Bluetooth RF module brings Texas Instruments’ third generation Bluetooth core integrated circuit, the CC2564C, to an easy-to-use module format. It is even 100 % pin-compatible with previous generations of Texas Instruments-based Bluetooth HCI modules”.

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