Low current PIR sensor solution for wireless applications!

October 15, 2014

Wireless connections of sensors and control units are becoming more and more important. Especially the Internet of Things market is pushing the development forward inexorably.

With its EKMB product family, Panasonic offers pyroelectric sensors especially developed for use in battery-powered applications. All parts of the circuit required for signal processing such as stabilizers, amplifiers, and comparators are already integrated in the TO5 can. This reduces the effort that needs to be invested in development to a minimum, saving valuable time and money. This is what makes the EKMB more than just a simple PIR sensor. In fact, it is a complete solution with PIR sensors!

Several lenses are available for the pyroelectric sensors. Depending on the design of the lens, the sensors offer different detection distances, angles, zones, and detection types. The maximum detection distance is 12m. By default, lenses are available in three different colors: pearl white, white, and black. This allows customers to choose just the right product for their application.

All in all, the balancing act of guaranteeing a low power consumption together with a high noise resistance and an optimal detection capability has been mastered perfectly.

•    1µA power consumption during sleep mode
•    Amplifier and comparator technology integrated
•    Small diameter lenses
•    Extremely reliable
•    Easy to integrate
•    Fast time to market

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