October 19, 2015 Product Notices

As energy management becomes ever more important within industry the need for multifunctional and flexible monitoring of electrical power consumption is a standard requirement. With the new KW2M Eco POWER METER Panasonic offers a new generation of equipment with multi functionality enabling you to monitor energy quality and many other parameters on up to 8 three phase circuits or 24 single phase from a single controller. This is realized using the expansion unit feature, where up to three expansion units can be added, meaning considerable cost savings when monitoring multiple circuits.

The KW2M Eco POWER METER has two Ethernet communication ports allowing daisy chaining of multiple units eliminating the need of an Ethernet HUB if more than one unit is required.  To compliment this flexibility the built in Web Server facility allows easy access to parameters for comprehensive data collection allowing appropriate energy efficiency measures to be implemented and continually monitored.  Therefore allowing you to take advantage of various European government directives.

In addition the improved connection technology of the KW2M offers cost savings with reduced wiring, when compared with multiple connection of conventional units, and the new push fit connectors reduce installation time.

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