Input Devices 3D-Data Download

July 24, 2014 Product Notices

On our Global Site you can download 3D-CAD-Data in the STEP Format of various Switches.
This data can be utilized for designing your Application and Visualization of the final layout, to see how it actually will look like.
Please use them and check back for more, as we will update regularly.

Detector Switches: Download here

Push Switches: Download here

Light Touch Switches: Download here

Please note:
•    After clicking/choosing the individual part no. in the 3D data column, the "Conditions-to-download-3D Page" will pop up. Once you click "Agree", you will be able to download the 3D data that you requested.
•    All of our Data are STEP File style which is International Standard format. It is necessary to use 3D CAD Data system which is applicable to STEP format.


In order to download the selected file, please check and accept our terms and conditions (*pdf file).

PIDEU_GT&Cs for Engineering Tools.pdf