High Speed Odd-shape component insertion machine for post-SMT process (Prototype)

December 22, 2014

A prototype of a newly developed insertion machine for odd-shaped components has been exhibited as part of the Smart-Factory-Solution at Panasonics FA Show 2014.
The machine supports stand-alone operation but can be placed also in-line with SMT production lines
Components up to a maximum size of L130xW35xT60mm at a maximum weight of 200g can be inserted.
Considering the dimensions and weight the component range is from small taped components to parts like transformers, large connectors and even covers.
Possible package are tape, sticks, tray and bulk. Number of lead pins mus be 2-3 for small components, 4 leads or more for large components.
A more detailed overview is given on below figure.

To cope with the many kinds of odd-shaped components a number of different tools and feeders are available:

We are sure this solution can increase an automated production process to improve production volume by increasing quality at same time.
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