FPC connectors - Y4BH series

November 06, 2015 Product Notices
FPC connectors - Y4BH series

In the future, high-definition pictures in medical and industrial equipment will be a common standard. This will have a big impact on the data transmission between camera units and image-processing boards. High-speed data transmission with a high signal integrity between devices will be required also for the next generation of high-performance measuring instruments and factory automation equipment.

This is why Panasonic, the global leader in the narrow pitch connector range, has developed the Y4BH series for board-to-FPC applications. With a mounting pitch of 0.4mm, this FPC connector provides design engineers with mechanical design flexibility due to a height of just 1.0mm and double top and bottom contacts. The back-lock structure of the connector simplifies use, makes handling easier, and increases the reliability when the FPC is bent. The Y4BH series also features differential impedance matching (100, 90, 85Ω) and is compliant with various high-speed transmission standards.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Differential impedance matching
  • Top and bottom contacts
  • Back-lock structure
  • Low profile
  • RoHS/REACH compliant

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