FP7 economy PLC, ideal for stand-alone systems

November 18, 2015 Product Notices
FP7 economy PLC, ideal for stand-alone systems

Its compact size allows easy integration into machines, e.g. in pick & place applications, where saving space is mandatory. The PLC only needs 14ns per program step. The modular CPU can be expanded by up to 16 expansion units. This allows for great flexibility in the FP7 family. In addition, a great number of application and communication cassettes from the FP7 product family are available. These add-on cassettes can be added to the CPU to increase functionality without increasing the footprint of the system. Maintenance and hour meter operation are possible thanks to the integrated clock/calendar function.

In short: 

Small and compact size coupled with high flexibility .
Another highlight is the memory management. Program and data memory can be shared and both can be expanded when more capacity is needed.

Special features:

  • A program capacity of 64k steps
  • High processing speed (14ns/step)
  • Huge data storage capacity
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Application cassettes (analog input, analog output, thermocouple input)
  • Communication cassettes (Ethernet, RS232C, RS422, or RS485)

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