Visit Panasonic at "APEC 2015" in Charlotte (USA)

Mar 15, 2015 to Mar 19, 2015 Event
Mar 15, 2015 to Mar 19, 2015
Panasonic Booth 1501, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte (USA)

GaN Power Devices & Solutions

Panasonic GaN Gate Injection Transistors (GIT) power devices with 600V blocking voltage contribute to the downsizing and high efficiency of power supplies. Panasonic proposes both "Normally Off" and "Current Collapse Free" devices by adopting an unique device structures. Panasonic GaN devices exhibit a high reliability thanks to these achievements.

At APEC 2015, we will display various types of discrete chip-carrier options, half-bridge modules, and chopper boards showing their switching characteristics.  High-speed switching - one of the key advantages of the GaN-GIT's - can be achieved by these boards thanks to the amazing dV/dt potential of the transistors. We promise your additional surprises, such as our new demonstrator of a 400W power supply, as the world's smallest to date.

For your design support, we propose various evaluation boards, such as totem-Pole PFC, LLC DCDC, various driver boards.

Don't miss the high performance Panasonic micro controllers either, designed to maximize the GaN-GIT driving performance, thanks to high frequency operation, stable control, high accuracy PWM. 


SiC Power Devices

Panasonic's compact, full-SiC power module consists of a half bridge circuit with a new type of MOSFETs, so called "DioMOS" (Diode + MOSFET).
While retaining the general characteristics of a MOSFET, the DioMOS functions also as a reverse-conducting, free-wheeling diode by appropriately designing the n-type epitaxial channel under the MOS gate. The DioMOS module enables reduction of the module's footprint by eliminating additional external free-wheeling diodes. 

Seminars related to Panasonic GaN transistors and applications

Industrial Seminar(IS14, 0n March 19)
GaN Gate Injection Transistor for Energy-Efficient Power Electronics / Status and Challenges
Tetsuzo Ueda (Panasonic Corporation)

Lecture (T28, 0n March 19)
Advanced Induction Heating Appliances Using High-Voltage GaN Gate Injection Transistors
Hector Sarnago, et al. (University of Zaragoza)

Poster (D19, 0n March 19)
A High Frequency, High Efficiency GaN HFET Based Inductive Power Transfer System
Aaron Cai, et al. (Nanyang Technological University)


We are looking forward to your visit at our booth!

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