Panasonic @ "APEC 2016" in Long Beach

Mar 20, 2016 to Mar 24, 2016 Event
Panasonic @ "APEC 2016" in Long Beach
Mar 20, 2016 to Mar 24, 2016
Panasonic Booth 1918 LONG BEACH CONVENTION & ENTERTAIMENT CENTER (300E E Ocean Blvd Long Beach CA United States of America)

GaN Power Devices & Solution displayed at APEC


Panasonic's X-GaN™ range of GaN-on-Si power transistors, with a breakdown voltage of 600V, make your power supply designs small and highly efficient. The transistors’ reliability is improved to a great extent thanks to their "normally off" and "current collapse free" characteristics.

One of the biggest advantages of GaN is its  high speed switching characteristic. The benefit for applications is shown by demonstrators, like the SMD chopper board or a 400W ultra-compact power supply providing best in class power density.  Another promising application of GaN is demonstrated by a small integrated motor driver - shown in the picture above.

Available packages include TO-220, thin SMD and power-modules. For your speedy product design and fastest time-to-market, we provide evaluation boards equipped with Panasonic microcontrollers to control the "X-GaN™" performance. They supports high frequency operation and enable stable control of our GaN devices.


Passive Components displayed at APEC

Panasonic manufactures Capacitors in a broad range of technologies that can be used in the most demanding applications. Panasonic is a leading manufacturer of  Specialty Polymer Aluminum Capacitors SP-Caps, OS-CON and POS-CAP as well as Polymer Hybrid Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor Technologies. They secure the smallest SMD solutions with low ESR, low leakage current, high ripple current, long lifetime and small case size.

Panasonic Electric Double Layer Capacitors, known as “Gold Capacitors”, offer the highest volumetric efficiency of all capacitor technologies. They are often compared to secondary batteries. Unlike batteries, Gold Capacitors do not rely on a chemical reaction to produce electric current. Rather they are storage cells that utilize the absorption/release reaction of ions.
Gold Caps have no limit to the number of charge and discharge cycles they can sustain and do not need a charging circuit. Repeated rapid charge and discharge cycles are acceptable.

Panasonic offers a wide range of Fixed Resistors such as Thick Film Chip Resistors, Thin Film, Current Sense, Anti-Sulfur, Anti-Surge, Metal Plate Shunt Resistor, wide terminal high power Resistors, Resistor Arrays and Metal Film Chip Resistors.


Seminar Information

Gate Drivers and Integrated Packaging Session

Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: T41
Location: 103C Room
Date & Time: Thursday March 24, 2016 (14:00-17:30)

"A High-Efficient Driving Isolated Drive-by-Microwave Half-Bridge Gate Driver for a GaN Inverter"
by Shuichi Nagai

Dr. Nagai is the developer of GaN Drive-by-Microwave technology and an expert of circuit designing using GaN devices

Poster session (D04,11:30-14:00 on March 24)

"Operation Analysis of High Efficiency Grid Connected Bi-Directional Power Conversion System for Various Storage Battery Systems with Bi-Directional Switch Circuit Topology"
by Go Yamada, et al.


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