Bracknell to Paris Charity Bike Ride MacMillan Cancer Support

Apr 25, 2014 to Apr 28, 2014 Event
Apr 25, 2014 to Apr 28, 2014
Bike Ride from Bracknell to Paris

Three weeks have passed, our legs have recovered and the saddle sores are a distant memory!

It’s been three weeks since we completed our bike ride to Paris and firstly we wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that supported and sponsored us and secondly to let you know how the ride went and how much we raised.


We left the Panasonic office at 9.00am on day 1 to the worst weather we could have wished for. Rain!  We had at least managed 10 miles before our first wrong turn. Finally many hours later and over 100 miles (160Km) we reached our hotel. Wet, cold and hungry but relieved and very happy.

Day 2 saw us leave our hotel at 7.30am to head for the Ferry port. More pouring rain, cold wind eventually found us at the port in plenty of time for the Ferry. How we then managed to miss that ferry is a story for another time!! At least when we got to France, unsurprisingly the weather was dryer. A good afternoons cycling, oh and evening, we got to our hotel in the dark.

Day 3 was supposed to be a long days ride, so that the final ride into Paris would be a nice short-ish final leg to our Journey. However fatigue and attrition took its’ toll, so a team decision was made to find a hotel nearer, so that we could have more time to rest and be fresher for the final ride into Paris.

Day 4 the last 70 miles (113 km) into Paris. After having cycled 260miles (418Km) through tough weather conditions and too too many hills, we were all looking forward to completing our journey. With 7 miles to go, we all re-grouped to cycle to the finish together. The end in view, one (apparently illegal?) circuit of Arc de Triomphe and we’d finished.

It was a fantastic achievement for all of us, a real challenge, very tough at times, that none of us will ever forget. Some photos attached of our ride.

We have raised £15,000 ( € 18,226 approx) for MacMillan Cancer Support. Much more than we ever dreamt of.  

Thank you everyone for all your support and donations.

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