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  • Mar 2, 2020
    Press Release
    Ankatek and Panasonic Factory Solutions enter into partnership to address customers in Turkey in the best way possible
    Munich, February 2020: Panasonic Factory Solutions, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe, and Ankatek, one of the largest technical distributors of high-tech capital goods for electronics...
  • Jan 31, 2020
    Press Release
    On the May 5th the short range wireless conference will focus on smart applications for connected environments
    Update March 12th, 2020: The Access IoT Conference on 7 May 2020 in Berlin is postponed The aggravation of the situation around the corona virus and the resulting uncertainty at events such as...
  • Jan 20, 2020
    Press Release
    Newly developed long range Bluetooth® 5.0 module PAN1780 for IIoT and Smart Home applications
    Munich, January 2020: With the new PAN1780 Panasonic Industry Europe launches a new Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy module based on the Nordic nRF52840 SoC single-chip controller. An output power of up to...
  • Dec 12, 2019
    Press Release
    The Battery Finder is designed for developers and engineers seeking the right batteries during the design-in-process of their projects
    The Battery Finder is designed for developers and engineers seeking the right batteries during the design-in-process of their projects. It provides an overview of the entire assortment of Panasonic...
  • Dec 9, 2019
    Press Release
    The new Mediapool is a fast and convenient tool providing access to media related content for marketing, public relations, development and sales...
    Munich, October 2019: Panasonic Industry Europe launched an extensive and easy-to-use platform that provides access to a variety of assets. Not only product pictures, dimensional drawings and videos...
  • Nov 26, 2019
    New Product Introductions
    The newly developed low energy PAN1740A Bluetooth 5.0 module features a compact size and fast boot time for IIot and Smart Home applications as well...
    Munich, November 2019: Panasonic Industry launches the successor of the PAN1740 Bluetooth module. The new PAN1740A is the optimized version, offering a quicker boot time and supporting up to eight...
  • Nov 21, 2019
    Press Release
    New automation solutions such as innovative servo drives, HMIs and communication gateways for a wide range of industries
    Munich, November 2019: Panasonic Industry Europe presents the technology portfolio for the automation sector at SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2019 in Nuremberg. From 26th to 28th of November,...
  • Oct 30, 2019
    Press Release
    The premiere of a new mid-range multi-purpose robot LA1800G3 is just one of the highlights for the trade fair in Stuttgart
    Munich, October 2019: At this year’s Schweisstec & Blechexpo exhibition, which takes place in Stuttgart form the 5th to 8th of November, Panasonic Industry Europe is showcasing its wide range of...
  • Oct 28, 2019
    Press Release
    The Siemens AG and Panasonic Factory Automation Europe enter into partnership in the field of assembly machines and factory automation solutions
    Munich, October 2019: Panasonic Factory Solutions, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe, and Siemens Factory Automation Services announce their future cooperation.The factory automation products...
  • Oct 25, 2019
    Press Release
    At Stand P72 Panasonic Industry displays applications and the solution enabler qualities for smart-meter market
    Paris, November 2019: Panasonic Industry Europe announced its technology line-up for the European Utility week, that takes place from November 12th – 14th in Paris, France. At the stand P72 we will...
  • Apr 15, 2019
    Press Release
    Introducing a New Era of Full Process Optimization!
    Hamburg, 8th  April 2019: Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH, is one of the world's leading companies in the area of Smart Factory. As manufacturer and...
  • Mar 29, 2019
    Press Release
    Panasonic Electric Works Italy will be renamed to Panasonic Industry Italy (PIIT) and will combine all industry activities in Italy
    Munich, March 2019: Panasonic Industry Europe (PIEU) announces the name change of the Italian subsidiary Panasonic Electric Works Italy (PEWIT). Starting on the 1st of April, all employees located in...
  • Mar 18, 2019
    Press Release
    Financial support, know-how and resources committed to European student projects to expand possibilities and explore sustainable alternatives
    Picture ‘Panasonic Industry_TUM Hyperloop’ (left to right): Shahrokh Kananizadeh, Product Manager; Michael Meissner, Department Head, Corporate Marketing; Alexander Schultz-Storz, Division Head Cross...
  • Mar 14, 2019
    Access IoT Conference 2019 is a short range wireless conference driven by Panasonic to talk about the latest advances made in short range...
    Access-IOT 2019 will focus on the advances made in  Short Range Wireless Connectivity Technologies.Conference attendees will listen to high quality talks from industry experts, and will have the...
  • Mar 13, 2019
    Ihren Namen wollen wir auf unserer Forum-Gästeliste sehen!Und dafür übernehmen wir gerne Ihre Teilnahmegebühr i. H. v. 109,- EUR komplett! Panasonics Smart Factory: Neue Ära umfassender...

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