Battery Finder

Panasonic Battery Finder App 3.0 for professionals

Designed for engineers, electronics specialists and developers who need batteries for their projects, the Battery Finder Application provides an overview of
what‘s available in the Panasonic range of industrial batteries, and gives a recommendation on the type of battery that‘s best suited to the user‘s application.
It also offers a wealth of information, graphics and videos on battery technology.

Please notice:

The Battery FinderSmartphone App for Android and iOS deviceswill no longer be supported. Panasonic has removed the apps from the stores. Please refer to the HTML application
for computers or tablets instead.

> Click here to start Battery Finder HTML App

The features include:

  • Search for batteries using three different tools:
    • Parametric Search
    • Application Search
    • Model Number Search
  • Improved intuitive usability
  • Current Panasonic range: now 293 batteries
  • Easy usage due to ‘Drawer’ menu
  • Pictures and technical drawings of all products
  • Favorites selection
  • Function for comparing up to 3 batteries based on technical details
  • Extensive information on battery technology (‘What is’ glossary)
  • Videos showing battery structure
  • Direct link to Panasonic Battery Channel on YouTube

In order to download the selected file, please check and accept our terms and conditions (*pdf file).

PIDEU_GT&Cs for Engineering Tools.pdf